• One man at the meeting, Stuart Hamblen, impressed me tremendously. He was rough, strong, loud, and earthy. Every inch of his six-foot-two frame was genuine cowboy, and his 220 pounds seemed all bone and muscle. His name was legendary up and down the West Coast for his popular radio show, heard every afternoon for two hours. (This meeting was for the Hollywood Christian Group, which met at Henrietta Mears's home in Beverly Hills)–Billy Graham

  • Many people don't realize how significant Stuart Hamblen was and what a story he tells and the talent he represents.–Sharon Kirby

  • (before Stuart became a Christian)... The first night Stuart attended (the Tent Crusade in Los Angeles), ...he became deeply convicted of his own sins and the need for Christ to save him. Not understanding what was going on in his soul, he became angry and stalked out. For two or three nights he stayed away. Then he came back. Each time he showed up, he had the same reaction, getting so mad once that he actually shook his fist at me as he walked out of the tent.–Billy Graham

  • Stuart Hamblen paints pictures---works of art---with the songs he wrote---be it Gospel, Country, Western, or Pop, and as a songwriter, he joins ranks with the great songwriters of all time. As a singer, let me quote the Rev. Jack Schuler: “Stuart’s driving style of singing keeps both radio and live audiences breathless.” Pappy is gone, but his songs will last forever.–Hal Spencer, Manna Music, Inc.

  • It Is No Secret was my dad's favorite song and therefore a favorite of the entire family. Stuart Hamblen was truly used of God and still is today.–Corine Peck

  • When I was a little boy my mom used to play Spell of the Yukon all the time for me. I loved all of the songs, and they painted images in my mind of what it must have been like during the Alaskan gold rush. I tried to find it because I have two boys and I wanted them to have the same enjoyment and memory that I had. I am so impressed with the feeling and passion that comes through when I listen to the songs and stories. There isn't anyone like him today.–Mark Schmitt

  • I often think of how Stuart is doing 'up there'.  I have told my wife many times that we will meet at the intersection of 3rd and Hallelujah.–Allan Brockstein